Kids Classes

(Little Ninjas ages 3-6 years)

Learn Martial Arts while having fun…..

Your child will learn and develop much needed skills such as co-ordination, balance, and mobility all while growing strong, becoming more disciplined and of course, having fun.
They will learn the basic principles of martial arts such as respect and taking instruction along with the physical aspects such as kicking and punching.
This is a fantastic starter class for any child and has become hugely popular within our club.

(Spartan Juniors kickboxing ….. ages 7 -14)

This class teaches the martial art in its purest form, competitive kickboxing. We will teach your child how to be faster & stronger. Mobility & fitness is a huge part of the curriculum as we see more and more kids playing computer games and not being active.  This one hour class will show them how to defend themselves and with such a big fitness regime it will keep your child healthy and strong. Team bonding is a big part of our club culture and all our juniors look after each other and train well together.

(Spartan Adult Kickboxin …… ages 15 +)

weather you want to learn kickboxing combinations, self defence or competition fighting, this class has everything. Beginners and advanced all train in together with a common goal of getting better. This class has a great atmosphere and is divided into pad work and sparring (optional).